July marks Disability Pride Month, a time to celebrate and recognise the ability, resilience and achievements of the disabled community in the UK. It is also a time to raise awareness, challenge discrimination and highlight the many barriers that disabled members of our community face on a daily basis to their everyday lives. With more than 14 million people living with a disability in the UK, it is a sad reality that many disabled people still cannot access many of the buildings, goods and services that non-disabled people take for granted.


The Disability Pride Flag pictured above, with its bright and vibrant colours was created by Ann Magill in 2019. Each colour symbolises specific types of disabilities:

• Red: Physical disabilities

• Gold: Neurodivergence (such as autism and ADHD)

• White: Invisible and undiagnosed disabilities

• Blue: Mental illnesses (anxiety, depression and others)

• Green: Sensory disabilities (deafness, blindness and others)

• Charcoal: Represents people in the community who have experienced ableism and is to protest against this


Let’s celebrate our differences this Disability Pride Month and support the rights of disabled people and be a part of the change we want to see!

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